How to tell if a guy is flirting with me

Flirting Signs – Is he really flirting with me?

Here’s the thing – sat at a slightly sticky table in a bar nursing an un-deliciously warm half pinot g that guy stood at the bar really did look my way… or did he.  Not sure.  Here is my view of how to tell if he is really flirting with you… or is trying to find the loo without putting his glasses on – in my experience far more likely! 

Step 1 – Is this guy flirting with me?

Check your surroundings casually and slowly – do not make this look as though you are searching for the exit in a fire.   Speed smacks of desperation.   If the gents, the TV or  the exit is over your shoulder – eliminate this first.  Move.  If he looks your way again – BINGO.  If there is nothing but a plain wall behind you, move to step 2.

Step 2.  Reality Check – Is he worth having some fun with?

Assess your situation – check him out.  is he worth a second look.  Lets face it Mungo might be Hugh Grant‘s middle name but you don’t want to be stuck with one!

Step 3.  How to flirt

Having reached the conclusion he is worth it, take strength from that thought.  This guy is worth it, so go for it.  I don’t mean rip off your bra and launch at him over the table!  Give him a look back, catch his eye and hold his gaze for longer than feels initially comfortable.  Then look immediately down and away for some time.  Flirting is a confidence thing.  it says “I’m fun and I think you might be too!”

Step 4.  Monitor how much he is hitting on you

Use your peripheral vision – direct your face and focus your eyes somewhere deliberately different but focus your mind on the edge of your vision.  Clock his every move – how often does he look your way (very important) has he turned his position so his body faces yours – that is a key indication that he is wanting to flirt with you. 

Step 5.  Help – I think he likes me!  – how to flirt back

 Having established that he is interested you need to know how to flirt back !  You can now smile.  You can now widen your eyes when he looks at you.  Try catching his eye then looking mournfully into your glass, how empty it is!  if ever there was an invitation to flirt more that is it.  if he does not get the hint the next step is your choice.

Step 6.  He has made no move – give it one more chance

Use only if confident.  Get up from your chair walk straight to the bar – not more than 2 feet from him and order a drink.  Give him a sideways glance.  If this does not work… move on.  You’re worth more.

Use these flirting tips  whenever you need  to remind yourself how to be a flirt  – remember practice makes a marriage.





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